I woke up in a good grumpy mood, because I was sleeping peacefully and I hear my grandma talking really loud downstairs. I don’t bother her when she’s sleeping so why did she do that?.

 The rest of the day was solid I suppose. I had work, but it got slow then I left. I saw the movie Godzilla and it scared me a bit. lol. It was a great movie though.

 After the movie my uncle dropped me off and I went to get ready to take a shower. (I was in the clothes I worked out in and there wasn’t going to be enough time for me to shower and change). But before that….I call my grandma to tell her I’m home and she tells me” I wanted you to come over to your aunt’s house”. And she knows I don’t like going over there. 

 I stopped going over there. (Not the aunt I work with. My other one). My grandma never told me to go over there. She was too busy on her phone as usual. 

 What the fuck was I suppose to do?

 Have super powers and be a mind reader? If she told me that before me and my uncle left I would’ve went over there (even though I didn’t want to). So…Who’s fault was that? Certainly, not mine. And my aunt said “We were waiting for you, doofus!”. I should have to her to take her two cents and shove it. 

 But i didn’t. 

 I was in a good mood since I had lunch but she’s lucky I’m still in a good mood.

 (I’m going on vacation soon! Yayy!). 🙂 

 If she was on the phone, I’ll hang up on her. I don’t care. She always does this shit. Comments without me wanting her opinion and finds excuses to spend time with me, so she can talk to me about the same crap, that I’ve heard a million times. I stay away from her because it’s what is best for me. 

 She wants to upset me on purpose and forces me to talk. So I only give her one word answers or listen to music, cause quite frankly-I don’t have the time to hear what she has to say. 

 I don’t have time for gossip. I don’t care about who says what. 

 Other than the things I’m working on, and other than Ted, I care about myself. I’m responsible for my own happiness and I’m happy with my life (when no one is trying to live my life and be nosy all the time). 

 I’m sorry that my aunt feels like I’m….keeping myself sheltered from everyone. 

 I love my privacy. I love going out to different places and venturing out on my own. That’s just how and who I am. 

 I don’t like sitting in house all day doing nothing. 

 So when I go out to movies with a relative (or myself), that’s what I’m comfortable with. People are ridiculous. 


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