Toxic Love

Synopsis: She thought she get away from him. She thought she could leave him in the past. He will become her most dangerous obsession, and he will do anything to have her.

A/n: I hope you all like this story! Enjoy! 🙂

Chapter 1

“You know, Kelly”. The man takes out a .44 magnum handgun. He loads it and puts it on the head of Kelly’s dad.

“It doesn’t have to be like this, you know. All you gotta do….” He kicks the dad hard in the stomach. Jim starts coughing and groaning. “Is tell me you love me. It’s very simple”. Says the man.

Kelly shakes her head with tears around her eyes. “Did you hear that-Jim, Susan, and Stacy…..She told me no. Did you all know that your princess prom queen isn’t as innocent as she seems?”.

He licks his lips and bends down in front Susan, Kelly’s mom. “I never liked you. You were always such a bitch”. He spits in her face.

He bends down kneeling in front of Susan’s other daughter, Stacy.

“I bet you feel ashamed that you let me hit that don’t you?”.

“Fuck you!”. Yells Stacy.

He slaps her.

He looks at Kelly. “Do you see what you’re doing to me baby? Do you see first hand what love does to a psychopath like me?”.

“Billy….” Jim speaks up. “If you untie me I can get you help. I’ll get you everything you need to try and help you ease your sickness”.

“There’s no helping me. And plus….”

He points the gun and shoots Stacy. “The only sickness I see is you two”.

Both parents start crying.

There hands are tied in the back of a chair and Kelly is handcuffed to a pipe in an underground basement in Billy’s house.

“Kelly! Kelly, I….I love you so much”.

He shoots Susan.

“NO! Susan!”.

“All I have left is to pull the plug on one more patient”.

Kelly looks at her dad. ‘I love you. With all my heart’. She mouths to him.

“Infinite plus infinite”. Jim says in a low tone.

Billy shoots Jim in the throat.

Billy loads one more bullet and aims at Kelly’s chest, she wakes up sweating and screaming.


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