The Resistance

Here’s my new Drake story! 🙂

Synopsis: An email written from a stranger will reshape Drake’s life, but it could be for good or for bad?

Drake’s p.o.v.

Man, that party was crazy! I was happy as fuck! I still can’t believe that ‘Nothing was the same’ won a couple of awards and had tons of nominations. I’m not going to lie though….I’m a bit tipsy.

Seeing my OVO crew and my new girl, and how successful my albums have been….I’m happy. It’s like…..It’s surreal how fast everything has moved for me since ‘So far gone’. It’s amazing how loyal my fans my fans are.

I open up my labtop and go on twitter to sub-tweet. I write:

Life is looking real fucking great right now. Proud of my #OVO team as always. I click post. I get a notification a minute later.

I click on it and read a weird email on my inbox. It says:

Aubrey, I know you. I know you the kind of mask you wear to hide your own tears. I know that all the money you have is tearing you down, brick by boring brick. I know….That smoking and drinking is your way of escaping from the past. I can’t wait to meet you, soon. The best thing I do know about is you say to your closest friends and your family that you regret what you have in your life.

What the fuck? I swear people write some weird shit sometimes.

I take a picture of it and log out. Closing my laptop, I get ready to go to bed. Trying to sleep all I been doing is tossing and turning, thinking about what he/she wrote to me. Maybe that person is right. Maybe I do have a regret of being where I am.


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