Definately buying new sneakers tomorrow! Couldn’t go on vacation today due to this shitty weather, but going in a few weeks.

I love Drake.

He inspires me to always look to progress and improve more. He inspires me to ignore the bullshit (along with the haters) and to aim for living my dreams. Sure, he is not the perfect role model but he proves that whatever works for you-go for it. You can do anything in life as long you will always be you.

Thank you, Drake. I’m always going to be a fan of his music. He can count on me to never fall asleep on him. Drake forever. OVO (October’s very own) forever. 🙂

He’s taught me to go with he flow sometimes and just not stress over anything that isn’t worth stressing over. Just do you and let some things in life work its self out.

People say he might be gay or this or that….It’s just all guesses and assumptions. If he ever was to be that, then I’ll still be a fan of his music.

There is nothing wrong with masculinity and femininity. Him talking about his emotions and what not is a good thing. Being mach with no emotions is whatever to me. Hey…Each to his own.

I listen to his music while riding my bike. While working out. Or just going for a walk. Drake is awesome. He and (Demi Lovato) inspires me to go 0 to 100. Demi inspires me to stay strong.

She inspires me to get back up after being sad always smiling to show that nothing can break me. Thank you, Demi.

I may sound like mr.softee but I’d rather be myself then a tree.


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