Earlier today, I read that Drake cancelled his tour because he is sick. 😦 Get well soon! 🙂

Had a bust day today. Work out twice. Went to return movies. Producing. More producing. Went to work. (And depending on tomorrow….relatives are supposed to come over and watch the soccer game if it doesn’t rain or whatever).

My best friend asked me “What would you do if Drake read your fanfic story?”. I said “I’ll tell him…..It’s not what it looks like! I didn’t write that, I swear!” lol.

Here’s a small teaser for chapter 11:

‘Winds of change’ (Small spoiler)

“You took what’s mine. And now….I’m going to rip the bones from your body one by one. I’m going to tear your flesh off and hear you scream for mercy”.

(End of spoiler).

I played fifa 2014 on my vita last night. I got my ass kicked 4-0.


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