Winds of change (Chapter 10)

  “Yeah!!!!!”. Ben shouts. 

 “Shit”. Says Aubrey. He smiles in disbelief. 

 “That’s right, babe. This game is far from over”. Ben says smiling wide. 

 They have been playing NBA 2k14. Aubrey is the Miami Heat and Ben is the New York Knicks. 

 It’s tied right now. 110-110 in over time. 

 Aubrey pauses the game. “Hold on a minute. I gotta use the bathroom”. 

 “Hurry up and go, Tinkerbell. We both know who’s going to win this game”. Taunts Ben. 

 Ben’s P.o.v.

 Things between me and Aubrey are going great. We haven’t done IT yet. He really is a great guy. I wish he’d spend a little more time with me. I know his commitment is to music and I get that, but I’m not going to let it bother me. I don’t blame him though. Music is his thing. It’s his passion. He also knows mine is screenwriting and acting. I can’t let my worries get the best of me. I have him. Can I really find someone else better than Aubrey?. To answer my own question….hell no. 

 “I’m back!”. He says. 

 “What the hell you doing in there? You didn’t fall in did you?”. I say jokingly. 

 He smiles. 

 “If I fell in and didn’t know how to swim, would be save me?”. 

 “Nope”. I say as I smirk. 

 “Some boyfriend you are”. He mumbles. 

 “What was that?”. I ask curiously. 


 “Did you just say ‘Some boyfriend I am?’ “. 

 “Maybe….I might have. Probably. Why? Does that offend you?”.

 “It does and you know mister? You’re in trouble now!”. 

 I throw myself at him (not full force though) and lock my hands with his and kiss him hard. 

 *No one’s p.o.v.*

 “Hey, do you guys-WOAH!”. 

 Both guys look at Ben. He gets Aubrey straightens up his shirt. “What’s up?”. Asks Ben. 

 Robbie is still in shock seeing his brother and his friend making out .

 “Rob you okay? You look like you’ve just seen the Jack Frost horror movie”. Says Aubrey. 

 “Oh, no. I just…I-I was watching a horror movie. It…it just freaked me out, that’s all”.

 “Oh yeah? What movie?”.

 “Smiley”. Says Robbie.

 “I LOVE that movie!”. Says Ben happily.

 “Do guys want pizza? Dad said he is getting it delivered because he has a case to work on tonight”. 

 “Yeah. Do you want pizza bitch?”. Ben asks Aubrey. 

 “Yeah. I also want ham and chicken parm”. 


 Robbie walks out of the room and Ben closes the door. 

 “I think my brother may need therapy”. 

 Aubrey laughs. 

 “I did it for the lulz you know”. Says Ben. 

 “And one of these days, I can do it you. At any pace. How’s that for a lulz?”. Says Aubrey in a flirtatious voice. 

 “Don’t tease me unless me you might want to actually get some sooner or later”. Ben says as he winks at him. 

 Ben pushes Aubrey on the bed. He lays on him as they cuddle and begin to fall asleep. 


 Ben is in the bathroom drying his hands after he washes them. Beck walks through the door. “Ben. There you are”. 

 Ben ignores Beck hoping he will leave. 

 Jade, Tori, and Andre walk in the bathroom standing in front of the door. 

 Beck takes out a pipe as Ben braces himself for what’s about to happen. Ben runs after Beck but Beck hits him with the pipe. 

 “Now. Go”. 

 Andre turns Ben on his stomach. Ben tries to squirm out of his grip, but Jade steps on Ben’s left hand while he is on the floor. Tori steps on his right hand. Beck pulls down his pants and gets on top of him. Beck yells” Did you think you could break up with me?! Huh? Well now here comes your punishment!!”. 

 Andre takes out his phone. 

 Before Beck could stick the pipe in Ben, he wakes up and starts to breathe heavy. 

 Robbie looks at him with worry. “You okay? what happened?”. 

 “I just had a nightmare. I’m okay. I’m fine. Let’s eat, yeah?”. 

 They both get out of bed and Aubrey hugs Ben. He asks” Is it about Beck?”. 

 Ben nods. 

 “Don’t worry, baby. I’m here. Don’t stress over it okay?”. Aubrey kisses the top of Ben’s forehead. 

 Beck’s P.o.v

 After being in Jade’s room she tells me that a few miles from here is a private place no one knows of. It’s where we can keep Aubrey. We can hold him there and little by little take the skin and flesh off of him, as we watch him crumble. And Ben won’t be able to do a thing about it, so we will come up with some extra special for him, once we are done with his boyfriend. We get a piece of paper and begin to map it all out. 


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