I get nervous when people cross the street when there are 100 cars going in both directions. I think to myself ‘be careful. Be careful. Watch out’. 

 Why can’t people take the extra mile and walk to where a street light is? Avoiding being a pancake is smarter. I was wrestling with my little cousin today. We weren’t physically hurting each other. Just pretending. My uncle glared at me and said “Don’t be playing like that. I’ll pound you like butter!”. 

 I shook my head and laughed. I didn’t laugh because of his threat. I laughed because of how childish he was being. 

 We weren’t rough housing. Just pretending that when we kicked or with no one standing in front if us. 

 My uncle walked in the kitchen and had this grumpy, angry look on his face. Nothing new and surprising. 

 Someone is unhappy with his life. Someone needs to get a personality and a sense of humor. And it’s not me. 🙂


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