Winds of change (Chapter 9)

 Here’s a (short) and new chapter of ‘Winds of change’ : 


Beck’s P.o.v.

 FUCK! This can’t be fucking happening! I swear when I see Aubrey I’m going to make sure he never sees day light again. And when I finally got a hold of Ben….He’ll be sorry that he ever left me. 

 I look at the pictures of Ben and Audrey. I shove them all off my desk angrily and violently dig my nails into my hair. I pick up my phone and call someone. 



 “What do you want, Oliver?”. 

 “I want to make Aubrey suffer. I want to torture him. I want Ben to be there to witness what he’s gotten himself into”. 

 “Hmm. I like the way you think. Come over and we’ll come up with a plan”. 

 Beck grins. 

 Jade Smiles. 


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