I did what I needed to do at my school, today.

 I’m re-taking that English class. I won’t go down like this. I’m not falling one point short. Not again. 

 The lady that gave me advice on what to do was such a dick. She insulted me (like that other counselor did) and she said she was a therapist trying to play with my emotions and get inside my head. I kept my cool. I didn’t get angry. 

 I didn’t let her. I was honest with her and I put that shit to a stop-completely. She told me “She’s not me. And doesn’t want be me”. I don’t know anyone that would say something like that. I find that mean and she really needs to be careful with what she says because don’t think that I won’t bring those comments to the higher-ups at the college I go to. 

 They might not do anything but it’s worth a chance. 

 I have no hesitation telling them what she said to me. A counselor is there to help and give advice. Not make someone feel like shit. it’s not like she is perfect in any way. 

 She thought I had an ego. 

 She doesn’t know me like she thinks she does. I have no ego. I told her: “All that stuff about me having an ego lying to myself and lying to you…Take it and throw it in the trash. I’m serious. Slow down with that”. 

 It’s a polite way for saying “Fuck you and up yours”. (That’s how I view it anyway). 

 She laughed.

 If I was to curse her out I’m sure she wouldn’t laugh.

 What a moron that lady is. What a fucking douche bag. How can you talk that way to someone? Who in the hell would give you a job if that’s how you treat someone who needs advice? I can tell she is fake. Also, instead of handling it like a professional in a nice manner she acted like a jack ass. 

 She told her sister what me and her talked about. (She told me it was her sister. Yeah….jackass has a big mouth). 

 She said “He’s looking at me. He hates me”. 

 I said “I don’t hate you. You insulted me and broke my heart, lady! Thanks!”.  I told have a good summer and walked away. I handled that with class. 

 It seems like everything is a joke to her. Like she doesn’t care enough to help someone. I was going to re-take the class anyway because that’s what my uncle told me to do. 

 Fuck you, counselor lady!

 And i don’t like when my grandma calls me when I’m reading a really good story/book when I’m listening to music. Can I just get some alone time?.

 Another message for that counselor lady is….Karma always finds it’s place for people. Don’t to others, what others would undo to you. 

 Up her nose with a motherfucking robber hose. 

 Not to mention that I like that song by Nick Lachey called ‘What’s left of me’. 🙂


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