I gotta talk with a counselor tomorrow about my grade for English class and what I need to do. Fuck, this shit is annoying with school. That’s the last thing I wanna do on a Thursday. What ever happens….happens. 

 The last time I talked with a counselor she called me slow. I felt insulted. 

 If she ever called me that again, I wish I could say to her “Go fuck yourself” and walk out but that wouldn’t be right. I just have to get it over with. I get my paycheck tomorrow and I’ve decided to save it and wait for my next paycheck to buy a ps vita.

 At work I accidentally pinched myself. lol. 

 But the good thing (is) I had a great nap. 🙂

 I can’t seem to decide between having a talk radio or screenwriting. I like both but I can’t have both. Hopefully by the end of the summer I can decide.


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