Is there such thing as stress shopping? Hmm. 

 I forgot to add this to my last blog post….me and my uncle went to buy food and we saw this lady singing that song by Bruno Mars called ‘Rain’. The volume was so loud we could hear it, it looked like she was having a good time. lol. 

 I wish I didn’t have work tomorrow. I want to eat Wendy’s and ride to where ever and walk around, (as long as it’s sunny). A paycheck from my job+cashing it in the bank=buying new sneakers. 🙂

 Yesterday, I went to eat Chinese food and have an early dinner….I ordered what I wanted and I asked the guy who works there if he likes my BMW as a joke. (I was talking about my bike. I know it’s not a BMW. lol). I smiled and he laughed. He said “I love your BMW. It’s nice!”. lol. 

 Just me being weird. And I’m proud to be weird. 



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