I wonder how many people sing/rap to whatever is song is on the radio, or playing on there ipod. I’m not ashamed to admit….I’m one of those people who pump up the volume so I can’t hear how badly I sing. lol. 

 I can see people laugh while sitting in there cars and kids (with there parents) looking at me like ‘What the fuck…..Is that suppose to be that kid on the bike singing’. 

 I see people walking and riding there bikes. That’s what I like to see. 🙂 

 (I can’t help it). 

 I get bored at my job, so I put my play station portable in my back pocket and play video games in a quiet area for a bit. Or as I like to call it-bathroom break. I’m sure people are going to notice that I go to the “bathroom” a lot. lol. I’m honest and I have nothing to hide. I’m sure anybody would else would have done the same or (logging on twitter or playing a game on his/her phone) knowing that the time is dragging on. 



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