My grandma is….Ridiculous!

 I was hanging out with my one of my best friends today, and she calls me to tell me to go to wal-mart to go food shopping. I ride to wal-mart and she told me that she already went food shopping (which I saw the bags). 

 I go to meet him at Buffalo wild wings…..(No, I’m not cheating on Ted. That’s not something I would do. My best friend is straight, and I’m a weeeeee bit tipsy. I’m of age to drink so it’s all good). 😉

 Any who….She wanted to go to my uncle’s house. That shit is pretty far, and I didn’t want to go. I wanted to go workout some more and cruise around. She got mad at me, and gave me a look. Then, she drove away. 

 Really? What the fuck?

 All because I don’t want to go anywhere or everywhere she wants to go to, why would I want to be around people that don’t want me around in the first place? That shit makes the least sense to me. 


 I went to another relative’s house. Fuck me. 

 My grandma started asking me why I don’t walk anymore. I don’t know, maybe because, uhm, I LOVE to ride my bike and walking can be a pain in the ass at times. 

 She asked why I’m making another facebook, and if my jeans are lose or tight on me. She starred at me in the car-I was creeped out. 

 I love my grandma and all, but damn….I need room to breathe and have some ME time. Just listen to Drake while in my car (or on my  bike) and just hangout and relax. Take my mind off of work.  🙂

 I ca’t hangout with her every minute of the day. I have things to do too. I have a life outside of work. 

 I don’t want to be around all that stupid gossip shit.That’s why I don’t hangout with relative’s (with the exception of my cousin and his girlfriend and her little brother.They’re cool). I’m not giving my relative’s any space to talk about me, plus….I don’t like being stuck at any place. A few minutes turns into me coming home at almost 1 am or 11:00 pm. 

 And I want to produce and work on some more writing material. My screenplay for my short film-I still have to finish it and edit it a few times but I’m almost half way there. 


 I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting space.


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