Why teenagers should read more

 With the lack of productivity from teenagers today, kids these days are hooked on video games and other things that can cause harm, or is dangerous. As technology advances more in our lives our interests like partying, drinking, and drugs become more of a source for entertainment (besides TV). It is clear that knowledge has lost it’s touched. I feel as if teenagers lack intelligence and maturity. And what I mean by that is the more you know the more you grow. 

 While having any source of entertainment is great, it won’t always be reliable. It won’t help you in the amount of ways that reading can  help you. Sure you have hand-eye coordination (with video games) but that doesn’t count as much as people would think. Reading helps us understands more. It improves our speech and vocabulary, instead ‘Ur comin’ ova today?’ Or ‘Iz it a rite trn or lepht turn?’. I have to admit after a while-abbreviations get old. 

 I think teenagers should get off the high horse of entertainment and yes, do what they hate….Read. Don’t watch silly shows like ‘Maury’ or ‘MTV Cribs’. 

 Read a book. Any book of your choosing. 

 If we play video games for ten hours a day and watch more TV then a couch potato, what would be learning? Certainty checking dull face book status’ or gossiping about who is sleeping with who can’t be fun. It’s boring, well to me at least. 

 It doesn’t bite to read and enter a world where anything goes. A world where you can let your mind free from stress and just picture yourself in the book (or story) you’re reading. Reading won’t burn your eyes. You’ll be fine. I promise. 🙂



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