Fire Works (Chapter 2)

 Luke’s P.O.V.

  Errrr! Errrr! Errrr!

 I shut off my alarm and look at the time.


 I go in the bathroom to brush my teeth and change into my work clothes. Looking at my nephew, I walk over to the couch and say” Jesse, wake up”. He turns to his left with his hand underneath his pillow. I shake him. “Jesse!”. I say in a loud tone.

 “What?!”.  He says in an angry tone.

 “Oh good, now you’re up. Get dressed it’s time for us to go to work”.

 “Good luck with that”.

 “I’m serious. You have 10 minutes to be downstairs. Chop, chop”.

 “Dude, I’m trying to sleep”.

 “First off….Don’t call me dude. I’m not your dude, okay? I’m your uncle. And second….try to wear a shirt that doesn’t have a stain on it”.

 “This is from the dude that wears flannel shirts and a backwards baseball cap, right?”.

 “I have don’t time to play these games! Get a move on!”. I clap my hands at him and pull the covers off him.

 “Holy crap! Fine, I’m up!”. He says.

 I go downstairs and turn the lights on. I open the blinds up and switch the sign from ‘Sorry, we’re closed’ to ‘Now open”. I unlock the door and go to the counter to turn on the coffee machine. I see my other employees walking in and checking in. “Good morning”. I say. 

 “Morning”. They say in unison.

 They go to the back and start to prepare the food for the day. I pick up the phone to my diner and call my girlfriend.

 “Hey, honey!”. She says cheerfully.

 “Hey. Sorry I didn’t call last night”.

 “It’s fine. What’s new?”.

 “Well…After a busy day at work….The rest of my night became a disaster!”.

“Aw, why?”.

 “Liz stopped my diner and dumped Jesse on me at the last minute”.

 “Why would she do that?”.

 “She told me how raising Jesse is too much pressure and she wants her life back because she pretty much feels like, Jesse is holding her back in a way. Not to mention that he….Dropped out of school”.

“Wow. Some mom she is-or was. She really thinks that badly of Jesse? And why did he drop out? Jess can be a smart kid when he wants to”.

“Yeah, I know. So now the punk is living with me. If she didn’t want him around any sooner than I would have been more prepared. He dropped out because he told me school isn’t meant for him. And when we talked last night….I told him he will leave and find somewhere else to stay or work for me”.

 “I think he’s better off staying with you, that way you can keep an eye on him. Look at you playing the tough love card. I’m proud of you!”.

 “Thanks. And Lorelai?”.


 “How long has it been since Rory has seen Jesse?”.

 “Three years. I remember when they met in pre-k. Those kids were inseparable and when Jesse moved with Liz to New York, Rory was crushed. It was different then when they were kids, but I have no idea about now. Why do you ask?”.

 “Do you think you and Rory can stop by today? I could use a couple of friendly faces”.

 “Sure! We’ll be there in a few minutes”.

“Okay. See you soon, Love you”.

 “Love you too. Bye”.

 I hang up and I turn to see Jesse grinning at me.

 “You love somebody! That’s a first!”. He says.

 “Yeah, yeah. Go help cook will you?”. I say annoyed.

 “I’m going. Don’t be so crabby”. Jess counters. 

 I roll my eyes and a couple of customers come in. About ten minutes later my two favorite girls walk in the door. They smile and wave. I smile and give them a nod. “What are we having today?”.

 “I’ll have a decaf coffee with half and half plus a blue berry muffin”. Says Lorelai.

 “And I’ll have a chocolate chip muffin with….” Her and Jess make eye contact for the first time. “With…Um, I’m going to have the same coffee as mom. I want mine to go. Please”.

 She keeps her eyes on Jesse as if she can’t resist the way he made her feel. As if the attraction is still there. Jesse goes to get a pen and a small pad to take customers’ orders.

 I poor them there coffee and give them there muffins. $.5.70”.

 Lorelai pays with her card and she says “Thanks Luke”.

 “Yeah, thanks”. Rory says then walks away quickly.

 Lorelai asks for a small brown bag. She puts her muffin around a napkin and puts it in the bag. 

 Rory’s P.O.V.

 I had to do that. I didn’t want Jesse to see that I still care about him. I didn’t want him to see that my heart is weak but he somehow still gives me these butterflies. It’s hard to explain. My mom walks outside and when I hug her I started to tear up and sob.

“It’s okay. Let it out sweets”. She whispers. As soon I wipe away my tears I see Jesse looking at me.

 I go with my mom to the car so I can get my car and go to school. Part of me still loves Jesse. Another part of me just wants to slap and give him a piece of my mind. Why didn’t he say “Hey” or something? He didn’t write letters to me. He didn’t call or text me like he said he would. I called him and he didn’t bother to return my calls. I sent him letter after letter and email after email. Why did he neglect me like that?.


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