I didn’t go to the baseball game today. I wanted to work instead, and finish the week. I got through another box of envelops and had an argument with the lady I work with.

 The 3209’s can’t be scanned on the small scanner, and I didn’t want to not do anything so i decided to stamp more envelops. She walks in after her lunch break and starts scolding at me. She started patronizing me and gave me an attitude. Before I went on my fifteen minute break….I told her the truth. I told her what’s up and she got pissed off. She got a taste of her own medicine.  She said that I don’t want to do any work. I told her that she is just assuming that.

 She got furious and said “I been doing this for years! I don’t assume things! I’m tired of you telling me that I can’t do my job, and I’m also tired of you telling me that I can’t explain things right!”. I never said any of those things.

 All I told her was, I can’t scan those 3209 packets, and since the lady I worked with about a month ago, was busy with the clients on the phone I did what I could to keep busy.

 NO WHERE…In what I said had to do with what she told me. She told me this as well: 

 “We’re going to have a meeting! We’re going to met with the co-supervisor and our boss”. 

 I just looked at her like I didn’t care. Like my eyes almost had no emotion. 

 After her meeting with the co-supervisor and our boss-she came back annoyed and pissed. I went to go talk to them. And we talked it out, calmly. They told me that I wasn’t cooperating but they also didn’t state an example. They and her knew she was wrong. I think they told me to cooperate to make it seem like I’m not. Or maybe I’m wrong. But I am a bit self conscious. She always loos annoyed (the lady I work with). I feel like if I ask her a question she will get snappy. So basically….

 She pulled that assumption out of her ass and made herself look like an idiot. They should have looked at the amount of papers I scanned over the past two weeks, or the amount of boxes of envelops I stamped. When I didn’t understand something I asked .I also asked the other girls that are working there. I helped out with the mail room and I’ve gone to help collect the papers needed to be scanned for today. 

  I’ve helped another lady with the envelops. So how in the hell have I not cooperated or help in any way? How have I not been productive? I have a lot on my mind and I’m producing tonight, so her being how she is isn’t helping me. 

 I told them both (the co-supervisor and our boss) that ( I didn’t curse when I talked to them) and I also recommended that I want to  learn something else on the job. I also told them that this whole situation is silly and what else am I suppose to do? I have to continue to be productive and find something to fulfill my time. I don’t want to wait around and I don’t want no one to think that I’m not doing anything.  They understood and said they will figure something out for me. 

 And honestly, if that lady I work with hates me or dislikes me, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. If that’s what she feels and thinks then it’s whatever. Fuck you, you know? *Shrug* I’m over it. I’m not the one that’s angry and today….I got a game from game stop. 🙂 


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