I been thinking about buying a ps vita but it’s too expensive. lol. I know one thing for sure is that….my next paycheck I’m buying new sneakers. Mine are ripping on the outside already. lol.

 I know I should save my money, but I want to spend money on the things I want. I mean, why not? I won’t spend it all. I won’t tell no one because I’ll never hear the end of it. Buying new sneakers will be my secret. 😉 

 Work sucked. 

 The lady tells me right before I scan papers to stamp envelopes. This other lady brings me four boxes of envelopes to stamp. I’m lucky I got through one box today. 

 I think stamping envelopes is a downgrade to what I’m suppose to be doing which is scanning, but I guess people learn different things at different jobs. I think I’m the only one stamping while everyone else is scanning and working on other things. And why am I the one who is always stamping (envelopes)?.

 I think it’s probably because I’m quiet. I’m not really sure but it’s just a guess.

 On the down low, I’m looking for another job. Working in the same building as a relative who asks more questions than anybody who should mine her business, and a lady I work with who is constantly nagging me- they both get pissed off when I make a mistake. What’s there to get mad about?.

 I’m sure, they’ve made mistakes at there jobs and in life. I’m sure they’ve done dumb things. I’m at the point where if either one of them get mad at me for making a mistake, (I’m leaving my job) for the day. Fuck it.  Working with them is frustrating and it’s driving me crazy. They need to get over themselves .  

 Some jerk who also works with the same lady i do, was laughing at me with her because they saw get a bit frustrated. I’d like to see them be in the same position (with there back hurting) while stamping a lot of envelopes. I’d like to see them be tired and trying to be happy while working. 

 I forgot to tell my boss that, I was going to a baseball game tomorrow.


 I guarantee tomorrow, when me and my aunt are going to work she will talk to me about how I’m not responsible and all that other bullshit. 

 I forgot. Big Fucking deal. 

 I’m working tomorrow, so I’ll just tell them tomorrow. Problem solved. 

 I stay up late night reading and producing, the last thing I want to hear is her another freaking lecture. She made me do math this morning! 

 I don’t know. I really don’t know.


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