From then to now

 I think about, almost a year ago-I used to work at Boston Market. And when I worked there….

 It was pretty bad. The manager for the night would only yell at the employees who worked in the back. (Which was Spanish people). He would never yell at anybody that was Caucasian who worked there. And the manager had the balls to yell at me. Only my family can yell at me to an extent. I wasn’t going to take it. So I yelled back. 

 He was taken back. A bit shocked.  I’m sure the customers who ate there heard me too. So, the next day the boss of the place fired me. I was like Yes!”. lol.

 You know a job like that sucks when you’re happy you got fired. The manual said “A happy and friendly environment”. Yeah….That’s B.S

 I went there to eat today. The same people who worked there when I was there are still employed. They didn’t make eye contact with me once I took my sun glasses off. I walked in like I owned the place. and ate the food and drank soda like a boss! YEAH. 

 I had this smirk-smile on my face when they saw me. They seemed a bit, surprised. lol. I payed for the food and the girl who gave me a hard time…

 (Pretty much would talk about me and pick on me). 

 I walked over to the table where I could see my bike. she placed the food I ordered on my table and I smiled and said “Thanks”. She walked away kind of quickly. lol. 

 No one at any job should treat people like crap. 

 The place only had like four people in it. It’s not my fault that place hasn’t been getting that much business and customers are hardly eating there. 

 That job was stressful. And if they like that stressful job and getting yelled at….and making there employees feel low then that’s there problem. Thank goodness I’ll never have to work there again. Thank goodness for my family businesses and thank goodness for my office  job, scanning papers and what not. But at the same time, I learned a lesson. I don’t want that kind of sadness or that kind of B.S. in my life so I’m thankful I’m still in school. 

 And at the same time when I’m not working my first job or second job, I can work on my screenplays for my short films and produce/write stories and blog posts. 🙂

 Today,I was singing and rap that song ‘Days in the east’ out loud while riding my bike. I’m guessing people didn’t like it because they gave me a look and laughed. lol. I’m not trying to impress. 



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