I’m going to a baseball game, in a few days! 🙂 I’m thinking about going on a road trip. I’m not sure….where (or how long) but I want to  save as much money as I can. 

 I figured it would be cool to do something different. 

 Has anybody ever laughed so hard, they practically cried? 

 That happened to me, a couple nights ago. I was watching a clip of the TV show, Gilmore Girls….(Yeah, I love that show. 🙂 Deal with it). Luke (the dude who owns the diner) pushed his nephew, Jesse into the lake. 

 (Yelling) Jesse: Stop following me, stop asking me questions, just stop!

(Yelling) Luke: That’s what you want?.

 Jesse: Yes!.

 Luke; That’s what you really want?.

 Jesse; Yes!.

 Luke: Fine, you got it. 

 Jesse: Thank you!.

 Luke: You’re welcome!. 

 (They both walk the same way. Mid-way through the boardwalk, Luke pushes Jesse into the river). 

 I LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY. Lmao. Jesse pretty much did a cart wheel. 


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