I just finished reading, a Victorious fan fiction story called ‘Take care of me’ and it was such an AWESOME story! 🙂 I almost got wiggly lipped, because both (Cat and Tori) still are together. And Tori promised at the end of the story…To always take care of Cat. NO matter what. I’m such a sap, I know. lol. 

 Why can’t all relationships be like that? Yeah….there is fights and a little drama but why can’t love be like romantic without the no strings attached bullshit and? I know the story is only a fantasy story (but) I feel as if being with someone til the very end is possible. I feel like relationships aren’t what it used to be. I’m sure back then….

 Men and some women cheated but why do that kind of thing? Why be that ungrateful and sour? 

 Which brings me to my next point. 

 My aunt told me after work about some girl giving me a message and something else. 


 I felt like that’s disrespectful. I want to save that kind of thing….( for the right person) and not some dumb one night stand. My heart is too fragile and has too much love to disrespect it. 

 I told her no and to stop promoting that kind of thing. 

 I’m sorry, but that’s just….That’s not the kind of person I am. 


 I’m starting not to be so shy at work, anymore. 🙂 They’re training me to pick up the papers needing to be scanned and organizing and putting papers in categories. So that means-all I need is some good music and I can dance like in the movie, Elf. (You know because he worked in the mail room in the movie). 

 I’m sure you all are tired of me venting constantly. So…I’m going to writing differently. I’m going to bringing a little attitude to what I write and try to be a little more entertaining. Maybe, some segments/promos about celebrities. If any suggestions, 

 Please let me know! 

 I had pizza for lunch and it was pretty good. Two slices of barbque chicken pizza. Can you blame me? I was hungry! lol. 



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