Shine on

  I really, love that alternative rock band, Needtobreathe. They’re my inspiration. 🙂 

 If anyone hasn’t heard of them, you all have been living under a rock. lol. Just kidding. My supervisor agreed to buy me a hot chocolate tomorrow. 🙂 

 When I had a trophy on this website for a 100 likes (I think it was)….I admit, I cried. I cried A lot. It feels like I won an award of some sort. I must be producing and writing something right to be getting trophies for my milestones thus far (and many more to come!) . 

 I want to let all my followers know…. I want you all to thrive and to succeed in life. I want you all to always be yourselves and do whatever it is you want to do in life, and I want all my followers to be hapy. 🙂 

 I’m also getting tired of eating sandwiches for lunch, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll get some pizza or something. I can only enjoy peanut butter and jelly or cold-cut sandwiches for so long. :p And the hot chocolate I had from Starbucks, was kind of icky. I felt like it was a bit greasy. eww. 

 I learned after high school that friends won’t always be there for you, like you think, but the ones that are…Those are the people that are worth keeping around. We all need someone to talk to at times. We all need someone to care about us and tell us to keep strong. Life is full of all different surprises. Don’t get discouraged and don’t close your heart.  


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