I just read earlier today, that the New York Knicks are finalizing a deal to have former NBA player, Derek Fisher as there head coach. In all honesty….

 Me being a Knicks fan, (I’m VERY nervous about Phil Jackson’s decision). The Steve Kerr didn’t work out and i don’t think that Mark Jackson would be a  great fit for this team either, but since plan A backfired, plan B I guess was to sign Fisher. I respect fisher. I’m a fan of his game and when he and Phil were in the LA Lakers together, they had good chemistry. And I’m guessing that’s the same kind of chemistry they want to build with the Knicks. 

 I was nervous for Jason Kidd when the Brooklyn Nets signed him, and he turned out to do pretty solid. They didn’t go all that far, but they made it to the playoffs. 

 (But I give Kidd a lot of credit. And he has no coaching experience, either). But neither does Fisher. Phil loves to run that triangle offense. (he ran with Fisher). And I think, it just might work for the Knicks. If Melo does decide to stay, they need to build around Carmelo and put more offensive players around him. 

 One man can’t do it all. They also need to build around a good defender like, Tyson Chandler. Coach Mike Woodson, is a mediocre coach at best, and over plays his starters with too many minutes and very little usage of the younger players. (Plus he has no real depth on the roster). I feel like….

 The best coach to help out Fisher, would be maybe Jeff van Gundy. He has a good resume and playoff experience. He used to coach the Knicks and they were a successful team with him. 


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