Lose some, win some

  Today, I witnessed something that I’ll understand personally. 

 My cousin was glued to the TV. I wanted him to go for a walk with me, and he wanted to throw a football around, but I was wearing sandals….so I couldn’t do that. I was bothering him to get away from the damn TV and to hangout with me. I was texting him to turn off the TV. lol.

 I walked in to get something to drink. He was still watching TV. I said “You’re still watching TV?! Get out of the TV already!”. He got mad at me. (He got defensive) and said “I work all week and I just want to relax! I also want you to get me a cup of water with ice and recess sticks from 7-11”. I just laughed. 

 I can’t stand any of it…. The dumb commercials and re runs of TV shows that were popular about 10 years ago….

 It irritated me a little bit. 

 How can someone turn on the TV and just stare at it for hours, and not get bored? Or dizzy. 

 There are things confusing to me that, that I wish I could understand or have the answer to why he or anyone in general (loves) TV so much. I guess video games is an exception. I don’t play for hours. I play before I go to bed.  But some people can play all day and not move from the bed or the couch. 

 My cousin’s girlfriend’s brother (who is like a brother to me and of my closest friends)….can play video games FOR HOURS. I went to go workout in the morning and when I came back he was still playing. I walked in and said “Turn the video game off! Your brain is going to rot, go read a book!” lol. I said it as a joke and he started to laugh. 

 I find wrestling and sports center boring. I used to love it, but now it’s getting to be stupid. My dad asked if he was sure, i was a guy. I said “Yeah”. I laughed. 

 I feel uncomfortable with guys talking about guy things. Whatever it is that guys talk about. When my cousin invites me to hangout with him and our uncle-I just say I don’t want to. I don’t want to seem like I’m a panzi but guy talk is something I don’t want to be apart of. I have no idea what I would say about this or that. 

 Kind of like….

 “This girl at the pizza place was flirting with me. Bro, she wants it”.  


 “Dude, tell me you wouldn’t hit that! I’d do that for a few hours”.

 And I’m like , what? 

 I just don’t listen and go do other things or to work. I guess they expect me to get excited and say something funny or agree with them but guy talk is awkward. For me it is. 


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