I’ll never let you fall apart

Synopsis: Rory has a secret that no one knows. She’s too afraid to tell Luke. She feels like she can’t tell Lane. Emily and Richard, her grandparents are out of the question. And Lorelai….

A/n: This is Gilmore girls fan fiction. Have no idea why I wrote this. lol.  Oh and I don’t own Gilmore Girls. My fan fiction story is going to be a mini series. 😀


Chapter 1:

Rory sat on the bench at a local park. She needed to clear her head from a terrible argument with her girlfriend, Paris. Paris always has these wild accusations and trust issues. Every time Rory texts Lane, Paris thinks she is cheating on her. Paris thinks she is having an affair with Lane. Rory knows that is something she could never do. Lane is like a sister to Rory.

So, why would Paris be this upset? Rory also knows Paris is bitchy, but it’s what keeps her interested for the time being.

Paris also thinks that Rory is too needy at times and she can’t always be by her side when Jesse is being an ass, who is also trying to get inside Rory’s head. Jesse still believes he is the one for her, but in the amount of ways that he hurt her, how can a guy like that say he’s the one for her?

And why can’t Paris do her part and make the relationship work, the way Rory is working to keep it together.

After all the times, Paris said that she won’t leave Rory’s heart and she will fight for her and with no matter what the situation is.

When Paris would text Rory to say ‘Good morning, Babe. I can’t wait to see my adorable girlfriend ;)’. Or before she goes to bed, Rory would text Paris. ‘Going to bed, boo. I love you lotz. 🙂 <3’. But that passionate phase is long overdue and gone.

Rory thinks there isn’t anything wring with wanting attention and feeling special. Paris used to do that for her. Make Rory feel like she’s a star and her heart is the galaxy. Paris used to make her feel like no one that Paris used to have a crush on (could) compare to Rory.

” Rory was one of a kind. One in a million”. As Paris would put it. But now Rory feels like shit. Everything wonderful she once saw in Paris…She now sees that Paris isn’t who she says she is.

Rory strongly dislikes how low Paris makes her feel. How stupid her own girlfriend makes her feel. That’s not love. That’s just pure evil and mean. With Paris, Rory felt her heart drop numerous times. She felt down in her stomach, having her heart broken like shattered glass.

But with Lorelai….With her own mom. It’s  different.


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