Food for thought

 I had two chocolates today. One in the morning, and one during lunch. There is a cafeteria where i work and the hot chocolate is so fucking good!

  It’s just as good as dunkin donuts and better than 7-11. There hot chocolate tastes like water with syrup and it sucks. Any who, I been all smiles. I been smiling too much when me and Ted text. It’s contagious and I hate that kind of thing. I dislike smiling. (Not really. That’s just a wall I put up and I’m going to tear it down). 


 I can smile more. People are confusing and have a tizzy when they don’t want to help me at work. Divas are going to be queens. 

 I also have been coming up with ideas for news stories, so here’s a list of what’s to come out: 

 Power rangers

 Dare devil vs. captain america

 Coffee, books, and conversations 

 Silver surfer vs. superman 

 The upside of even (Spider man fan fiction) 

 Tough reaction (WWE fan fiction) 



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