I think watching TV is pointless. I’m more into reading books, and playing video games, and watching movies on YouTube/Netflix.  Nothing good is ever on TV and wrestling is starting to become stupid now. No good sports games are on, either. 

 At work….I did a lot of scanning. I scanned over 140 papers. The lady I work with, said I did a good job. My aunt was pleased, but said I’m gothic because (my) workout clothes is jean shorts and a black long sleeve shirt. 

 I rolled my eyes.

 I had a good workout today. 

 The game I got yesterday is a fun game. I’m going to update ‘Winds of change’ and ‘Emails, text messages, and friendship’ hopefully, by this weekend. The time went by fast at my job. The lady i work with was giving me compliments for noticing any errors on the papers before I scan them. 

 For lunch  had a sandwich. (Not surprising). I also had two small cupcakes. I can’t have any sugar for the rest of the week, (but some soda this weekend). 🙂 



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