It’s not that simple

 This morning, my aunt drove us to work (cause i work in the same office and building as her)….She started talking to me about wanting to help pay a bill, and me needing to mingle and socialize more. 

 I don’t mean for me to sound mean, but she knows i don’t like socializing with people I don’t know. What would I say? What kind of questions do I ask? Surely I don’t want to shower the person with creepy compliments. 

 So, what the fuck? 

 I guess I get that she’s worried because I have very, very few friends and no social life. She doesn’t need to worry though. I’m fine. And why on earth is she talking to me about something that doesn’t concern her? She should worry about what’s going on in her life and in her house. I’ll worry about me.

 What I do is my business and no one else’s. I’m not doing anything I’m not suppose to be doing. I’m not getting into any kind of trouble. Why can’t I live my life in a private manner? She told me to talk to one of the girls that’s my age and hopefully, I’ll get some. 

 I’m still with Ted. 🙂 ❤

 I’m sorry if I’m not a player. I’m sorry if I’m not a pig. She also asked me why i never respond to her texts. Probably because, I don’t feel like it or I just want some alone time. OR…..The text message ‘Where r u’ isn’t the best way to reach me. 

 I think I know why…I don’t hangout with relatives that much. Everyone wants to be in my business and I can’t have that. If I don’t want to go nowhere someone will make a fuss about it. Someone has to come wake me up because any of my relatives are awake.

 (And thank goodness my door is locked). 

 I don’t get it. I can’t please them all at the same time, because I have a life too. I text em whenever I can,  and spend some time with them, but I can’t do it all the time, because there are things that I’m working on. (More books/blog posts that are going to be 15 blog posts til I start a new post (and a new book of blog posts).Oh, and the two screenplays for my short films, plus the two fan fiction stories, a re-write of one story i started, and a spider man fan fiction I been thinking of what it will be about.  If that doesn’t make sense I’m sorry. Don’t be mad at me. 😦

 I try to make the effort but I feel tired. I’m trying to be they make it more difficult. I know they say that I’m weird and talk bad about me. I don’t know what they’re getting out of it, but to me it makes no sense. It’s whatever. *Shrug* 

 That’s why I don’t want to hangout with them. I’d rather stick to texting. I don’t want anyone telling me how to live my life. That sounds horrible (and I know it but) I feel like I can’t breathe when my relatives are around. Way too many questions and I feel like an argument will happen when I stick up for myself.

  My grandma called me grumpy last night. lol. I’m happier without the drama and the bullshit of other people. That’s why I don’t hangout with them as much as I used to. 

 There are some people who are never happy. But hey, that’s life and we can pick our friends, our noses but not who our relatives are. 









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