I started talking to my dad, again. We haven’t talked in almost two weeks. The days he’s off, are the days i’m working. And the days I have off (which is rare) he is working….so I can’t see him. He lives too far. At least a few hours away. 

 But,  I still get to talk to him from time to time at least. 

 Ted says I’m feisty lol. I’m not sure if anyone else is feisty but I take it as a compliment. (And he said it is). I have that extra kick to me. That difficult, excitable, taking no crap from no one, (a small attitude problem) kind of thing. 🙂

 Ted is a sweet guy and I’m the….yeah. I’m not that way with him and that’s a good thing. Usually it’s like: 

 “Can you put on the TV for me?” Asks my grandma. Or “Can you get my sweatpants from upstairs?”. Asks my uncle. And I’m like “Why can’t you get it?! You do it, I’m busy!”. 

 Some nice person, I am. Haha. I’m nice in my own way. My dad is kind of feisty too (but he’s not as much as he was when i was younger) so I get that trait from him. Thanks, dad. lol 

 I think I might have a beauty mark on the right side of my face, near my chin. OHMYGOSH the video game I bought from amazon for my Play station portable came today in the mail. I got the WWE All stars game. It was cheap too. Only $7.15 🙂 

 My cousin is getting a Play station three soon, and this Sunday, I’m helping my uncle put together the bar-b-que grill. I had a nice breakfast this morning. Pancakes and chocolate milk. 

 A good lunch. A sandwich. And hotdogs for dinner, because hot dogs is good food.



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