I started talking to my dad, again. We haven’t talked in almost two weeks. The days he’s off, are the days i’m working. And the days I have off (which is rare) he is working….so I can’t see him. He lives too far. At least a few hours away. 

 But,  I still get to talk to him from time to time at least. 

 Ted says I’m feisty lol. I’m not sure if anyone else is feisty but I take it as a compliment. (And he said it is). I have that extra kick to me. That difficult, excitable, taking no crap from no one, (a small attitude problem) kind of thing. 🙂

 Ted is a sweet guy and I’m the….yeah. I’m not that way with him and that’s a good thing. Usually it’s like: 

 “Can you put on the TV for me?” Asks my grandma. Or “Can you get my…

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