I had a bar-b-que last night with my cousin, his girlfriend, and my cousin’s friend. The bar-b-que chicken was delicious! And the pork chops were amazing. We also had salad. and chips with spinach dip. But after a while, I got cold and went to my house to get a sweater after we had ice cream. It was a good bar-b-que but the movies they rented were boring. 

 They rented some orange county movie (or something like that) and Philomenia. Philomenia was getting boring and I was starting to fall asleep. lol. 

 I haven’t fell asleep since me, my cousin, and his other friend went to his friend’s house to watch Rambo. 

 And today, i went to some garage sale. I got a book for $1. Shows people how cheap I am, but these days books are expensive to buy! 


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