No reason

I went to Walmart  last night to get dog food for my dog. I asked some elderly guy if he works at Walmart and he says” No, I don’t. I just have this name tag so people can know my name”. I say sarcastically” Funny. Can you tell me where the dog food is for small dogs?”.

He said something but I can’t understand when or why people mumble (and he was mumbling). I rolled my eyes at him and ignore whatever it was he was trying to say. I said “Thanks, jerk” and went to get the dog food.

I don’t know what his issue was, nut he could have said nicely “I do work here, is there something you need?” instead of being…Well, you know.

But some people are just a pain in the ass. I walked in the house and saw my dog lying on the couch, like she owns the place. lol. I wasn’t mad though, it was funny. A cute moment at that.

This morning before I went to workout, I talked to Ted. I told him I want me and him to communicate more and he agreed. He told he’s not ignoring me and to never think that he’s ignoring me and that he loves me. It’s just hard though because, he doesn’t have the best signal where he lives.

I’m happy to hear that he also wants to talk more. 🙂


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