Winds of change

 Chapter 6: Sticking up or what’s right 

 Continuing from Ben’s p.o.v.

 Andre gets in front of me but I punch him on the throat. I have a stare down with Beck. The crowd around us is watching with amusement. Beck takes the first swing as principal Lane and our Dean principal Moreno saw it, as they stare in shock. I block it and start going Undertaker on him. 

 I punch Beck in the ribs, and in the face many times. I start kicking him aggressively. 

 Aubrey holds me back from me giving Beck some punishment. “TELL THEM, Beck! Tell them how you tried to rape me! We’re over! Fuck you, Beck!”. Principal lane says” We know, Ben. Robbie told us”. Ben, Aubrey, and Robbie….Follow me. We’ve called your dad, Ben. We’ve also called your mom, Aubrey. and don’t worry-we already explained the whole situation”. 

  “it’s okay, babe”. Aubrey whispers to me. I nod and try to get myself to be calm. 

  Mine and Robbie’s dad comes to the school. Him and principal lane talk outside the office. 

 “My son shouldn’t be expelled because he defended himself!”. 

 “He’s not going to get expelled Mr.Shapiro”. Says principal Lane. 

 “Oh.  sorry, carry on”. 

 “As I was saying….Beck has always been a troublemaker. We pulled up his records and he has a rap sheet of crimes. He also has a number of paternity tests where he has abandoned 5 children. I’m going to talk to the school board and see if Beck can removed form this school, but I can’t guarantee it. Oh and by the way…The report cards came in today, and both your sons did really, really well. They both made honor roll. I’m proud of both of your sons that they were honest and for Ben sticking up for himself. That Beck guy has a bad attitude”. 

 All three of us, (Robbie, me ,and Aubrey) smiled. 

 Aubrey: Hey, Ben…is this a bad time to lighten up your mood?.

 Ben: No. Why?.

 Aubrey: Good. Because, I….I love you, cupcake.  I have always been in love with you. Be mine?”. He asks with those puppy dog eyes. 

 “I’m happy to be all yours, darling!”. 

 We kiss which was the best kiss ever! ❤

  My dad took me and Robbie to Starbucks. Aubrey couldn’t go with us 😦 But he did text me. 

 From Aubrey: Hey! My mom said she is proud of me for doing well in school. I didn’t get suspended. Yay me! lol. I miss you. 😦 And I was wondering….Do you want to go on a date with me this weekend? 

 I smile wide and text him back. 

 From Ben: YES. 🙂 Bowling?

 From Aubrey: Absolutely! Meet me at the alley a 2 pm. This Saturday. 

 From Ben: Absolutely! 

 All three of us went to the batting cage to have a good time and celebrate. 

 But Beck on the other hand….




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