I wish my cousin (who is like a sister to me) wasn’t so fake. I get that she has her own life. I let her be. I respect her privacy, and I understand she’s busy but I wish she would spend more time with me like she used to. I don’t recognize her that much anymore. She used to be polite, now she is just talks bad. It’s starting to make me feel like s*it. 

 She used to want to be around me all the time, but now I feel like to her, I’m a thing of the past. 

 I’m not asking her to give me money or buy me a house. 

 All I want is to hangout with her and be apart of her life. I wish she’d call.text me a little more than she does. I wish she’d come visit (and whenever I can, I text her and visit her, every weekend). I want to her to put in more effort, but I feel like she’s cold and her being this way has broken my heart a little bit. :/ 



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