Winds of change

Chapter 5: Talking it out 

 Continuing from Ben’s P.o.v.

 “I…I have a crush on somebody. I just-I just, i’m not sure  how to tell him”. 

 My dad took a shot. 

 “Is it Aubrey?”.

 And it goes in for a three!

 “Yeah. He’s much more different than Beck. In a good way though”.

 “I can see that. Personally, I like Aubrey. He’s a good kid. He’s humble, smart and he’s a great guy”. 

 “However, I’m facing a big dilemma. I’m still you know….Going out with Beck. Did you like Beck?”.

 “Your mother did for whatever weird reason. I didn’t like him because I can tell he’s a stuck up jerk who thinks he’s the alpha male. If Aubrey is who you want then there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for him. I see that you’re your true self when you’re around him.  Just remember that I love you with all my heart no matter who you end up with, even if it’s with Aubrey or Kermit the Frog”. 

 I smile trying not to let my eyes get watery. 

 Stupid onions. 

 “I love you too, dad!”. I hug and walk upstairs to see if Aubrey is awake. I walk to the bed and sit beside him. “Aubrey?”. Nothing. I shake him gently. “Aubrey!”. Damn, this boy can sleep through anything. “Fine. I guess you don’t want to cook or-” before I get up he grabs me and brings me the side of the bed i was sleeping on. 

 He started giving me small kisses on both my cheeks and my nose. I don’t have to act like I don’t like that kind of thing. Well, not yet at least. 

 “Stop! Aubrey, no!”. 

 He starts laughing and says”Are you feeling better?”. 

 “Yeah. But can we not talk about it anymore?”. I ask. 

 “We don’t have to if you don’t want to”. 

 “Thank you”. i say as I hug him and lightly touch his smooth skin and he squeezes me. “Now get up. The movie ‘The Green inferno’ starts in an hour in a half. Plus, we’re going to cook”. I say with a smile on my face. 

 “Do we have to cook? Can we have something delivered?”. Aubrey says as he pouts. 

 “No. Now get up!”. He has me smiling too much. But I like when he makes me smile. 

 A few minutes later he walks downstairs to help me cook. We cook a bacon and egg with cheese sandwich (using wheat bread). Chocolate milk for me. And Orange juice for him. I played one of his songs he recorded last week called ‘Find your love’. He has a sexy singing voice. 😉 

 I read my text from my dad. 

 From dad: Had to go the station. I left you $40. Enjoy! Love you. 

 I text him back. 

 From Ben: Thanks! And Love you too. 

 I also read Tori’s text message.

 From Tori: Beck told me what happened with last night. He called me and invited me over last night. 🙂 How could you do something like that to him? 😦 -_- 

 Is she Fucking kidding me? 

 I get a text message from Jade just now. 

 From jade: DUDE. You’re in HUGE trouble. 🙂 

 From Andre: When I see you, I’m going to beat the shit out of you! -_- Screwing around with Beck’s heart like that! The hell is a mater with you?! 

 I read Robbie’s text message. 

 From Ben: Be careful, bro. And tell Cat I said hi. 

 From Robbie: People are going INSANE right now. Beck is spreading a rumor. Watch out. and don’t worry, dad told me what happened when he got to the station. You, me, Cat, and Aubrey knows what REALLY happened. Be safe. 

 From Ben: Beck is a moron. If anyone else believes that made up stuff, they’re all morons too. And thanks. 

  After me and Aubrey washed the dishes and cleaned up, we went to the movies. We saw (the movie I just mentioned) and Godzilla. It was nice to sit next to Aubrey. He doesn’t know that I know, but I felt his hand holding mine. I smiled and he smiled. He then drove me home. The rest of the weekend was solid. I did my homework and worked out. Nothing too special. 

 Monday was boring, but Tuesday….Everyone was starring at me. I went to my locker to talk to Aubrey for a bit. A VERY pissed off Beck walked up to me and dragged me into the janitor’s closet. “Are you that stupid?!”. He yelled. I gave him a blank look. 

 “YOU…assaulted me! I don’t want you seeing that fucker anymore! Got it?”. 

 “Lower your voice”. I say calmly. 


 “Don’t talk with me like that. I told you never to scream at me, didn’t i? Lower. Your. Voice”. 

 “After I gave you everything…You run around with Run DMC out there! You fucking cheater!”.

 I started to get pissed now. 

  “I didn’t cheat on you! You think I don’t know about the threesome you had with Andre and Tori?! You think I don’t know about you feeling up and kissing on Andre? Guess what dip shit…I CAUGHT YOUR ASS!”. 

 He shoved me against some cleaning supplies and punched me on my stomach. Principal lane sees what Beck did to me and he starts power walking somewhere. He opens the door and starts to walk away. I see Andre trying to fight with Aubrey. Beck was walking up to Aubrey, but I stormed passed a small crowd and shoved Beck. Beck punches Aubrey and so does Andre. 

 They hurt Aubrey. And now…It’s on. 





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