Winds of change

 Chapter 4: Telling my dad 

 Robbie’s p.o.v.

 After taking a shower I put on my glasses and change into Blue and Red shorts wearing a plan red shirt. I put on a pair of new socks with sandals then I text my brother to tell him I’m taking his car.

 To Ben: Hey, I’m taking your car to pick up Cat. We’re going to shop around in the outlets. I don’t know what happened between you and Beck last night, but feel better! 

 I sent him another text. 

 To Ben: Aubrey stayed the night, huh? Try not to do anything too wild 😉 lol. 

 I walk downstairs to see my mom and dad not saying anything to each other. Looking at them with caution I say” Mom, dad? I’m going out with Cat. I’ll be back later on”. My dad finishes his cereal and says” Okay, have fun”. I walk out the door and get ready for my date with my girlfriend. We’ve only been dating a week but it feels like months. That sounds corny to say, but it’s all good. I’m cheesy like that. 

 Ben’s P.o.v.

 Putting my cup of coffee down next to my small plate of a ham and feta cheese sandwich, I ask my husband, David “Where’s Ben?”. 

 “He’s still asleep”. David says. 

 “And Aubrey?”.

 “He’s probably sleeping too”.

 “Wake them up”. I demanded. 

 “What, why?”.

“Because, I don’t want Aubrey in my house!”.

 “Why are you against Aubrey being here?”.

 Ben’s P.o.v.

 I woke up the same way I fell asleep. I’m still in Aubrey’s arms. I could feel him holding me the entire night. I hear yelling that sounds like it’s coming from downstairs. After getting off the bed I open the door to my room. 

 “What’s your problem, Holly? Why are you so cruel?”.

 “My son is with a boy, and he isn’t suppose to be with a boy! That’s my problem!”. 

 “You’re still on that? Ben’s happy and that’s all that should count!! Yells David. 

 “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”. Yells Holly.

 David nods in confidence. 

 “You’re unbelievable!”. 

 I hear footsteps and the front door slam. I flinch a bit get ready for the day. I see my dad holding his phone and it looks like he’s (reading something). I start to make some hot chocolate. “Hey, dad”. 


 I’m worried about him. 

 “Is everything okay between you and mom?”. 

 “You know how your mother is. She overreacts to everything. Honestly, we’ve been fighting a lot but that’s what married couples do, including the ones that aren’t married. We’ll be okay”. 

 I nod not wanting to push the conversation any further. 

 “And how about you?”. He asks but continues.  “Last night you walked in and you looked….scared”. ‘Just tell him. He’s your dad and he’s a cop. He’s here to protect you no matter what. Remember that, Ben’. I think to myself. “Beck, last night tried to do something that didn’t have my consent”. David look shocked and angry. “You mean he tries to….”

 I nod and try not to cry. 

 “We’re going to press charges!”. David beamed. 

 “No!”. I plead. 

 “Why not? We have to”. 

 Last night I heard Beck say something to me while he was attempting to do something horrible. He told me that if I tell anyone he will hurt Aubrey. No one is going to touch my Aubrey. I have to lie. 

 “It will….damage his reputation as an actor if the word gets out”. 

 My dad knew that I was lying, but he also saw that I was scared. I know he means well. I don’t want anything bad to happen to Aubrey. 

 David sighs and says”If Beck tries the same thing again, let me know immediately. I’ll throw his ass right in jail, where sickos like him belong”. 

 Brace yourself. 

 “Dad, I have to tell you something”.

 “What’s up?. 


A/n: Cliffhanger! Aaaahhhhh shiot! lol. 


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