I had a GREAT day at work, today. No one was being rude. No one had an attitude. And this lady who only trained me just for today was nice. I can now understand scanning paperwork. I was wheeling and dealing. I scanned about 100 packets. (It was twenty in each pile). She had more patience and always had a smile on her face.

 Today made me want to actually be there. I actually smiled and felt happy to be at the office. I listened to music as I did my work. I didn’t mind working through out the day. She made just today more relaxing and (less pressure). She didn’t talk to me like I was a dog telling me to “Chop, chop” and clap her hands at me. She didn’t mind explaining anything to me, and she was willing to show me more than once how to scan papers.

 (Sometimes, it does get complicated).

 But hey….Not everyone can be great at everything. Some get it the first time they try something new, and others need more help and more time. 

 During my lunch break, I started to write chapter 4 of Winds of change. I’ll update between tomorrow, or sometime during the weekend. 🙂 



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