Quick Reminder

  I don’t know where everyone went this morning (in my house), but they all didn’t call me or text me. They don’t love me. 😦 Just kidding.  I had A LOT of fun today. No calls and 1 text message from Ted. 🙂 I rode my little car and went cruising around. I had some good Chinese food and a good workout. 

  I had the music in my ipod in my headphones. My day wasn’t complete without Journey and Carolina Liar on my play list, so I downloaded the songs from an app, and my day is complete. 🙂 

 I accidentally crashed into some kid while I was on my bike and he was mowing the lawn. I was a gentleman about it. I said sorry to him and asked if he was okay. He said yeah, but he looked sad. He was cool about it though. Accidents happen. *Shrug* 

 My grandma asked me about school and I changed the subject. lol. I started talking about my bike and the weather. Then I pedaled away on my little car. lol. 🙂

 I was wondering….

 This lady I train with at my job…she is getting frustrated with me because (I get lost and confused) about scanning the big packets. If I do a little dance and sing ‘Just hold on, we’re going home’ by Drake…Will she be happy?. Hmm. 😉 

 Like if I say “Don’t be so stressed out. Cause *starts singing* just hold on, we’re going home (going home) doo doo  doo doo, it’s hard to do these things alone (things alone)”. Will she be somewhat cheerful? 

 Oh and my fan fiction Drake story ‘A million pieces’ isn’t the real story. It’s sort of like a draft. (I should have put that in the beginning. I’m sorry). The one I re-wrote…’Winds of change’ is the fan fiction story that isn’t the draft. Comment on it. Write me any suggestions or ideas for upcoming chapters of ‘Winds of change’ if you want. It’s entirely up to you. 😀 



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