A post for people who are idiots

 Today was ugly outside. :p But thankfully, it stopped raining and I got a chance to workout and ride my bike. I’m thinking about rewriting my Drake fan fiction story. I feel like I need to develop the story better but I’m going to keep some parts though. 

 I been wanting chicken Parmesan and I’m cooking that for dinner. 🙂

 My cousin didn’t give me back my PSP. (Play station portable). He did that when we were younger. I told he can borrow it and he ended up keeping it for almost a week. When I get paid, I’m going to buy me a PSP and let him keep the one he’s playing right now. I’m going to give him the games he like splaying and keep the games I like to play. 

 He’s been there for me through everything (so he deserves something for his hard work and for being a big brother to me. He’s mean sometimes but I like seeing him happy). 

  Yesterday at my job, was exhausting. The amount of scanning I had to do with these packets were a bit absurd because I wasn’t trained properly. There were things I didn’t know what to put a certain paper under and things i didn’t know what to do. The lady who’s been working with me….. 

Was a bit rude when I didn’t do something right. This one girl who’s been working there for a while had a bit of an attitude when I asked her for help. I told myself to be patient. I never scanned papers before and I don’t do it often. I’m still new at my job and I’m still figuring it out, but the fact that they were kind of rude didn’t make my job any easier. 

 This lady I work with (Maria) got all pissed at me because I folded a piece of paper. Which is a 3209. I wanted to put the work I had scanned neatly because the back office is a mess. So, unless they like crap on top of crap, then that’s there issue. 

 She didn’t tell me to not put the paper work I had scanned back together. She didn’t tell me to not put the paperclips to hold the papers together. She just assumed that I would know and I didn’t. She’s training me and she needs to tell me these things. 

 She’s nice, but Maria needs to have a better attitude and train me better because I’m no genius. I don’t know everything. 

 After i went back to my desk, Maria and the girl who had an attitude (her name is Dana), were both laughing at me and saying that “I always need help”. 

 Just because they have more experience than me….

 Just because they burn someone else’s candle, doesn’t make there’s any brighter. I just ignored them and rolled my eyes. I started laughing to myself, of how much of a clown they both are. 

 There are people who are clowns (and idiots) at every job. Laughing at someone is childish and just flat out silly. 



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