A million pieces (Chapter 2)

Ben’s P.O.V.

A kid with big curly hair and glasses opens the door the door. “Oh-sorry! I didn’t realize you guys were in here”.

It was Robbie.

Fucking Robbie.

“It’s okay. The studio is all yours”. Audrey says.

I give Robbie a look.

He ruined my big moment with Audrey. I’m going to punch him in the face later.

He mouthed ‘I’m sorry’. He gave me an apologetic look.

I flip him off and tell Audrey” Let’s get out of here”.

We walk past Robbie and he said” Wait! Were you guys just about to?….”

“Bye, Robbie!” I say in annoyance.

We walked out of the school and to his car.

“So….” He says awkwardly. “Do you want to hangout with me, sometime?”.

“Don’t we hangout every weekend?”. I didn’t mean it like that.

“We do, but…I want to ask you something”.

“Ask away”.

“Do you want to….go on a date with me….This Saturday?”.He asked as he smiled.

I like his smile.

It’s a cute smile.

I smile like a goof and say” Yeah”.

He said” Meet me at the bowling alley at 4pm”.

I nodded and said”Okey dokey”.

Look at me, going on a date with Audrey. I now have a chance to show him that I ‘m the guy for him.

Audrey’s P.O.V.

I never been on a date with someone I cared about before.  I had one night flings with woman, but with Ben, this is something different. I care about him. He means a lot to me. I can be my full self around him. Fuck! Now I’m starting to sound like Taylor Swift!.

He starts the car and he drives me to my house. I open the door and say “Text me later” then I close it. He says”Will do” and drives away. Opening the door I see my dad standing near the counter in the kitchen. My mom has her head slouched down and her arms hanging over her knees.

“Hey”. I mutter. I start to go upstairs but my dad stopped me. He said” Ben…Your mother and I have something to tell you”.

“Oh. What is it?”.

“We’re getting a divorce. She cheated on me with my best friend, Gary. I’m sorry. I really am”. My dad looks at me as if he has been crying. He meant that with every word. My heart started to tense up.

I let that sink in and digest for a while. I run upstairs and as soon as I get to my room, I couldn’t stop crying.


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