A million pieces (Chapter 2)

I fixed it up a bit. Here ya go! 😀


 Ben’s P.O.V.

  A kid with big curly hair and glasses opens the door the door. “Oh-sorry! I didn’t realize you guys were in here”. 

 It was Robbie. 

 Fucking Robbie. 

 “It’s okay. The studio is all yours”. Audrey says. 

 I give Robbie a look. 

 He ruined my big moment with Audrey. i’m going to punch him in the face later. 

 He mouthed ‘I’m sorry’. He gave me an apologetic look. 

 I flip him off and tell Audrey” Let’s get out of here”. 

  We walk past Robbie and he said” Wait! Were you guys just about to?….”

 “Bye, Robbie!” I say in annoyance. 

 We walked out of the school and to his car. 

 “So….” He says awkwardly. “Do you want to hangout with me, sometime?”.

 “Don’t we hangout every weekend?”. I didn’t mean it like that. 

 “We do, but…I want to ask you something”.

 “Ask away”. 

 “Do you want to….go…

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