Close, but no cigar

 I checked my grades for my classes. I passed them, and got an A in my broadcasting class (which resulted to an A on my portfolio). Yay me! 🙂 

 But…I failed English. By one point. One freaking point. I needed a 70 and got a 69. I’m more shocked then disappointed. I KNOW that probably doesn’t sound good for me to say, but I smiled and laughed in disbelief. 

 One point. 

 But you know what? It happens. I’m not going to dwell on it and get angry about it. It was a hard class. It was a college level class. I did what I need to do. Went in two hours early. Got a tutor. Stayed after school. Talk to my teacher. I asked her for help. I did what I could, but now that I didn’t pass by one point…

 I guess I’m…I don’t know. But I’ll admit…It was one hell of an effort. I thought at least. And my GPA was VERY….VERY close to being a 3.0 

 The most important thing I learned though is…..

 I’m far from a loser. I’m far from a failure. 

 I pushed myself and fought all the way through, and you know what else? I’m looking on the bright side of this shock I’m in. I passed my other classes. it was a lot of work but I pulled through. 

 Doing your best is all you can do. And sometimes it’s not good enough but it should still be applauded. Nobody….Nobody should feel worthless because he/she continuously kicks themselves down for thinking he/she is a piece of trash for failing. Even Derek Jeter strikes out. Even Lebron lost in the finals. 

 Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off-and move on. 

 At work, I was hyper. I felt like I had ants in my pants and I couldn’t stop moving. lol. 


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