I started my first day at the new job. I like it so far. I was being trained on the job to do scanning and getting to know my way around the building. (I put a spin on what I do at this job. Instead of saying “Oh, my job is I’m scanning papers”…It’s…. (I’m a submission scanning technician-specialist). lol. 

 This guy who trained me to scan papers was cool. Everyone there is nice. The people where my aunt works at are patient. It’s a relaxed and laid back work environment. But I can’t dance randomly (or while the music on my Ipod is playing). :/

 But at my other job i can. 🙂

 After work….I did what any adult would do if they craved this…..

 A trip to Starbucks after my boss for just today said I did a great job and that I learned how to scan papers quickly. 

 I saw some girl arguing with her uncle maybe? Or her dad? I’m not so sure, but he was telling her to give him his phone. It was something with her and some boy. She gave him the ‘I refuse to give you my phone you’re out of your mind old man’ look. After she said something-he gave her a look. He stormed out of Starbucks pissed off. 

 I’m not trying to be a douche bag by any means, but….He knows he failed when he didn’t get her phone. He’s pissed because his daughter or niece (whoever she is) didn’t give in and possibly she won the argument. lol. *Shrug* 

 I wasn’t ease-dropping. I heard them over the music. It was more interesting then baseball commentators talking after a long silence of awkwardness. 


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