So far, so good

  I have built up the courage to squash the two spiders in my room! 🙂 

  But….After this Wednesday, Ted is going to his house, which is hours away. 😦 Looking at the bright side at least me and him are still together.  🙂

 I start my new job (and my second job) this Monday. (My first job is I own a family oriented off the books business. I do some landscaping and yard work during the summer. I do maintenance/cleaning all year round).

  My screenplay for my short film is coming along so far, so good.

 I’m not sure how I did this but I think I bruised a muscle (or sprained a muscle) in my left foot. It’s been hurting me for the past couple of days. I’m sure it’ll heal up, soon. 

  I was watching scary movie 2-and it was funny how they making a beat with the basketball and dancing lol. 



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