Fun times, good times

  Today I did something bad-while I was cooking breakfast for myself, I burnt bacon. 

  It’s a good thing I’m not a chef. lol. 

  I love riding my little car. (which is my bike. That’s what my uncle calls my bike). Me and Ted didn’t go on that romantic date. I had to help my uncle fix his pool. :p But Ted had to study for exams coming up this upcoming week. (And I don’t want him to fail)….So i hung out with my best friend and we ate lunch and talked B.S. We also went for a walk. It was fun. 🙂

 So…my short film is a basketball short film. It’s about this NBA player who fell into drugs and alcohol which ruined his career. Nobody wants him. Not the NBA , not overseas, and not the D-league. so the GM (which is the character I play) wants to give him one last chance. (By the way-the player’s name is Ben Augustine. Please don’t steal it. I’m using the name. But if you do steal it, return it whenever you can lol). 

 The GM believes Ben is the piece that can help bring his team to the playoffs and hopefully to the NBA finals and win it all. The last GM quit and the owner of the team fired everyone, (the coaching staff and assistant GM included), because the team is a stinky team and he is looking for someone that bring back something meaningful. The GM takes the job and tries to help the owner’s team from being sold and start a new D-league team, or sell it to an overseas basketball team. 

 It’s heavily based off my senior year in high school. That’s the best I got. lol. 

 I have a few candidates for who is going to be my Ben Augustine in my short film. (This is just a thought). 

1.) Allen Iverson. 

 2.) Vince Carter

 3.) Dolph Ziggler

 4.) Mike “The Miz” Mizannin

 5.) Tyreese Gibson



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