Give ya

  Another night shift is in the books.  I’m going on a vacation in a little over a month to my favorite place. I haven’t been there in three years. 🙂 

   I almost forgot to eat dinner. :p I was too caught up in reading a fan fiction story. 🙂

  In the basement near the light switch-there was a HUGE ass cricket right next to the light switch. I was helping my aunt get her kids’ laundry in the green laundry bag…And I looked behind me for a slight second-I saw the cricket. I got scared. I pretty much freaked out and my heart was racing. lol. 

  However, I did make one damn good sandwich for lunch. Ham, something else that looked like ham (but wasn’t), 1 sunny side up egg, and cheese on a roll with mustard. As weird as that may sound…It came out good.

  Don’t judge me lol. 

  Tomorrow, me and Ted are going to go somewhere romantic. He told me it was a secret. I have no idea what it is, (and I’m not one to want to dress nice and go to a fancy place. I much prefer a fast food place or his place). But hey , we’re all different. And there is nothing wrong with that. 

 I don’t care where we go-as long as I’m with him. That’s all I care about. 🙂 I know, I know. I’m cheesy like that. 😉 

 Just recently I came to a good conclusion that I think I’ll title my blog posts after songs by either Drake or some of my other favorite musicians and so on. They’ll get full credit for producing that song. I’m just going to put there title on it, so it can look cooler. 😉 

  Today I had a good workout. I rode my bike like a crazy person that I am lol. And did some push-ups, pull-ups, and used my bike as a weight thing. (I lifted it over my head and walked a little over 30 steps and repeated it again). Last time I did that….The neighbors looked at me like i was nuts.

 A workout is a workout. Some people like to lift weights. Some people like to power walk. For a cloudy day with some wind it was a little humid out. 

 To all my followers: I will keep you posted as much as I can. I’m not too sure when I’ll update on either of my fan fiction stories, or my first short film screenplay script (which I’ll write about in my next blog post-tomorrow). I’ve said this before and I mean it from my heart…Thank you for reading and (hopefully) enjoying what I post. There is still PLENTY more to come. 🙂 

 I think that me and Drake do have something in common: 

 Drake makes music that he tells his fans what he’s going through and says what he thinks/feels. He’s honest through his music and his music on his albums are sort of like status updates. ( I heard him say it in an interview). 

 I wrote blog posts about what’s on my mind and what I’m going through in addition to what I feel as well. I’m always going to be honest (but not mean about it) and tell stories. 

 (Good, bad, or indifferent). 

   It’s suppose to be a  nice weekend I believe….So dress in warm summer-ish clothes (but don’t quote me on that completely). And try to stay in a cool place with A/C. 


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