long night

 I still have soooo many clothes I have to wash. :/ Just got back from my night shift at work. It was….interesting. I wasn’t sure if I should dance at work, but I did anyway. There was no one to catch me in the middle of dancing….Thank goodness for that. 🙂

  But for the most part it was really busy. I love the night shift on a Thursday night. No one is around to annoy me. it’s peaceful. It’s just me, and the music on my iPod, along with the work needing to be done. 

  I’m hoping Ted comes over this weekend. I’m going to cook for him, and hopefully either he or I will find a movie to watch that we both like, (He’s a bit of chicken when it comes to scary movies and I want to scare him, lol. I think it’d be funny if he held on to me for dear life while watching the movie. lol). 

  It reminds me of this fan fiction story I read. The two characters (Emma and Santino) it was a WWE fan fiction story….Any who, Santino took Emma out on a date. They went to the movies and saw a scary movie. He didn’t want her to pick a scary movie because of the bad experience when he was a kid. When he saw the monster’s face, he screamed so loud it sounded like a girl’s scream. Santino ended up on Emma’s lap, holding on to her. lol. 

  By the way-I have the app for fanficiton.net.and wattpad.com. I’m not into parties or anything like that. Video games and stories/books or movies is more my kind of night. 

 I love to read books and fan fiction stories. I’m always reading. “The more you know the more you grow”. 



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