Money is good to have in your wallet but it doesn’t make you happy. Some may think that money is everything but it’s really not. Being rich must be nice but it’s the other aspects of life that opens your heart. Money is just something to pay bills, and spend it like you’re going on a shopping spree. 

  Not everyone is rich. I joke around like I’m rich but I’m not rich. Not even close to it. 

 Having those few friends that are like my family…Having those few relatives that I trust…My relationship with God…My amazing boyfriend…Health…

 All of that is what REALLY matters. All of that is really counts in terms of being rich. Knowing that a select group of people have made a difference in my life, and inspiring my little cousins (being straight edge and never doing anything stupid that will harm me or my family), that’s what being rich is all about. 🙂 

 I’d rather have a job that I’m passionate about and something that I love-rather than being a millionaire (or a billionaire), because I know that all the money in the world won’t make me happy. 

 I felt out of place, when it comes to nicknames (or pet names. Whatever you want to call them). I used to think they were strange but not so much anymore. I’m currently being called Punk. (I’m a fan of wrestler CM Punk and he is a fan of Dolph Ziggler so I call Ted Ziggy). lol.

 I call him dork and he calls me cupcake. 🙂

 I don’t own the names CM Punk, or Dolph Ziggler. I also don’t own nmy title. It’s from a song by Drake. I’m going to give it back. I promise. Or maybe…

 I won’t. 😉 hehe. 





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