If the shoe fits

  I just read that Mike Francesa fell asleep on the job. I saw the actual video and it was funny! Callers were prank calling him and making references about falling asleep. If he was tired, I don’t blame him. But he denied it. Everyone knows it though. He can dish out about people calling him and get passionate or heated when it comes to sports, but he can’t take the truth. 

  I don’t know the guy personally, but he is rude to his callers and doesn’t have much patience. His sense of humor/personality just isn’t there. I can tell when he is on the sports talk radio. 

 To me, this guy seems like a jerk. I bet that all ESPN people aren’t that nice (except for Stuart Scott, he seems cool). I think Francesa has a MASSIVE ego. I don’t like his show as much so I stopped listening. Michael Kay is decent, I like to the other ESPN guys like Scott Van Pelt and Stephen A. Smith. Those guys have a sense of humor and are entertaining. 

 Mike seems like he is always full of hot air. Like he is just ready to snap at anyone at any moment.

  I’m craving Wendys. 🙂

 Today, was my last day of school and i had a talk with my broadcasting teacher. He said I have a unique writing style and he says he can’t wait to see where I’m going to be in a couple of years. I told him that taking his classes have taught me a lot and I enjoyed going to his class every morning. I didn’t think that two classes with the same teacher could change my outlook on life and help me see things more clearly. 🙂 He gave me a high five…shook my hand and I left after I turned in my portfolio. I miss him already. :/ lol. 



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