timing is everything (part two)

 I got a bike for my birthday, and it’s an insanely cool bike! I didn’t mind walking, but it got too much sometimes. When I’m on my bike I feel like I’m in a car. (not exactly but you know what I mean). Stopping at the stop signs and singing to my favorite songs even though I’m an awful singer lol. 

 I rode my cousin’s old bike and it had no brakes. I ended up crashing into a bush on to a person’s backyard. I scraped my knee and scratched my knee plus I scraped the back of my leg. It a hurt a little bit but I’m okay. 

  I saw Kevin Durant’s speech on YouTube and honestly, I teared up when he said that his mom is the real mvp. I think his speech was very touching and emotional. It was a beautiful speech. Kevin is an NBA player with class and he never forgot where he came from, who helped me get there, and who was there for him through everything. I have A LOT of respect for him. I think he is a role model for kids everywhere who grew up the way he did proving that dreams do come true if you work at it and don’t take any shortcuts. 

 I can’t get that song ‘How you gonna act like that’ by Tyreese out of my head. what happened to him? And how about Chingy? :/ I wish they were both making music again. I’m still a fan of there music. 🙂 

   I’m happy that Michael Sam got drafted to the Rams. I wish he went to the Jets though. He was a good college player and I think he will have a good NFL career. 





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