Timing is everything (part 1)

  Hi, everyone! Summer is pretty much here, and it’s the best time to do a cardio workout, or go for a bike ride/drive around the town aimlessly. 

 My date this past Saturday was AWESOME. I had a lot of fun. 🙂 ❤ We walked around the mall and talked about a lot of things. I took him out to lunch and I finally got the kiss I always wanted to have (the type of things I read in fan fiction stories and books….Sappy I know :p). lol. 

 He’s something special. He went home and was exhausted after seeing my eccentric and hyper personality lol. He told me he loved me and for the first time-I believed those words and I said it back. By him smiling, I knew it was real.  I was surprised that he had enough patience to deal with my personality. 

 He didn’t mind it though. He (Ted) told me that he found me adorable (and that’s a first for me because I never been called that before). At the end of the night he told me he had a lot fun. 🙂 

 That wasn’t the end of my Saturday night though. I went bowling with a couple relatives and family friends. I won one of the three games. That was pretty fun. My Saturday night was Pretty epic and awesome! I drank a mudslide with a bit of alcohol this past Thursday night when I went to chili’s with relatives and a family friend. The mudslide was good, and the dessert was good, but the alcohol was yucky.  

 I will stick to Pepsi and a virgin Pina Colada or a virgin mudslide. I also got two books called” Archetype and scare Me. I haven’t read them yet, but I will, once school is done. I’m sorry about not posting up any new chapters for ‘Emails, text messages, and frienship’ and ‘A million pieces’. :/ But I’ll update as I can, just hold on, we’re going home. Get it? 😉 (bad joke). 

  Make sure you all stay hydrated and drink water! Seriously, thank you for reading my posts and letting me be me. it means a lot. *hugs, fist pound* 


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